Horus Art

A leader in the production of artistic ceramics for interiors, combining traditional and contemporary elements with new technologies, integrating function, aesthetics and design.




HORUS ART CERAMICHE Srl was founded in that of Fiorano Modenese in 2000 by a staff of people with twenty years experience in the ceramic industry. After the excellent result obtained at the national level, the company aims on the European markets first and then overseas, also receiving here a considerable success. After careful market research aimed at satisfying all types of customers, it was decided to diversify the production into two main strands. The former tends to re-evaluate and enhance classic-traditional ceramics, characterized by a manual handicraft work that has its roots in the most ancient cultures. The second, which best reflects the soul of society, is a direct consequence of intense research and innovation work; a creative spirit, a refined line for designers that stands out for its elegance and uniqueness. His numerous series of products, the different types of material, the countless artistic techniques used, make Horus Art a fandango of unlimited ideas that underlines the constantly evolving innovative and creative power.


5330 Royalmount Ave,

Montreal, QC H4P 1G9


(514) 736-0001


M – F : 9:30 am–5:30 pm

Sat : 10:30 am–4 pm

Sun : Closed